Top 5 Places In Ottawa To Do Yoga

Top 5 Places In Ottawa To Do Yoga

By: Jenny Henderson


Ottawa traffic getting you down? Are the snowstorms giving you a headache? Is the stress of work deadlines making you tense? Or simply just needing to stretch and loosen up?

In that case, the best yoga studios in Ottawa are waiting.

Keep reading to find out why these studios stand out and discover which one is best for you.

Come relax, reenergize, and find your inner peace with our picks of the Top 5 Places In Ottawa To Do Yoga!

Pure Yoga

Address 1: Pure Yoga Westboro
279 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON K1Z6X2

Address 2: Pure Yoga Centretown
359 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1X9

Drop-In Price: $25 for any class any time
5 Class Pack: $100 for any 5 classes any time (equates to $20 per class)
10 Class Pack: $175 for any 10 classes any time (equates to $17.50 per class)

With two locations in Ottawa, along with various yoga methods from a multitude of instructors (there are a total of FIFTY instructors listed online), Pure Yoga is the place to be! Through their website ( you can also check out their journal entries, their podcasts (perfectly named “The Pure Life”) at, and their link “Pure Online” ( where they offer 11 sample videos for you to watch and experience, as well as an option to pay a monthly fee of $14.97 which gets you unlimited access to all of their online classes. They’ve truly thought of everything!

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The Pure Life Podcast is now LIVE 🎙⁣ ⁣ The first episode is all about the founders of the Pure brand. ⁣ ⁣ Find out what country @pureyogajen was born in and how she almost didn’t stay in Ottawa. Pure wouldn’t be what it is today without her. ⁣ ⁣ @dmleith talks about how being a Father to two daughters changed his life for the better and reflects on spending his early twenties opening his first restaurant ⁣ ⁣ Be prepared to hear wise advice from @pureyogiamber as she talks about “still bartending” in her thirties and reveals a personal struggle and how it led her to a life of health and wellness 🌱⁣ ⁣ The Pure Life Podcast can be listened to and downloaded on @spotify @itunes @apple_podcasts & through our website ⁣ ⁣ Rate & review! Let us know what you think and who you’d love to hear on the show 👇🏼

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298 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1M3

Drop-In Price: $20 for 1 class with no expiry date
5 Class Pack: $80 for 5 classes with no expiry date (equates to $16 per class)
10 Class Pack: $150 for 10 classes with no expiry date (equates to $15 per class)

With 24 instructors (all whom have profiles on their website you can check out and read) and unbeatable prices, Elevate Yoga is certainly an amazing location you need to check out! With classes nearly non-stop from 6:15am-9:00pm Monday-Friday there is tons of opportunity for you to be able to get a class in before or after work; there are even some on the weekends from 9:00am-7:30pm. Elevate also hosts various workshops each month like a Yin + Reiki restorative yin yoga and energy healing candlelit evening which sounds like it could calm any nerves and alleviate all of your work stress. Be sure to checkout to see if there are some that you can attend.

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✨ N E W W O R K S H O P ✨ . 〰️ Yin + Reiki: Full Moon Edition 〰️ w/Sofiya Vyhovska and Makenzie Dale Sunday, February 9 6-8 PM . Join yoga teacher Makenzie Dale and Reiki Master Sofiya Vyhovska for a candlelit evening of intention setting, energy healing and restorative yin yoga. The session will start with an intention-setting ritual to embody the potent energy of the full moon in Leo, followed by a guided meditation and finished with a 90-minute yin yoga practice with intuitive energy healing (Reiki). Participants in the workshop can choose whether they want to receive hands-on (through gentle touch) or energetic (without physical contact) treatment. Post-session effects may include a restored sense of balance, feelings of deep relaxation, mental clarity and bliss. . Learn more in the Events section on our website (link in bio ☝🏽). . 📷: @treeing.yogi

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Address 1:
300 Preston St, Ottawa, ON K1R 7R6

Address 2:
34 Highbury Park Drive, Unit 7, Nepean

Address 3:
1300 Stittsville Main Street, Stittsville

Drop-In Price: $25 for 1 class
5 Class Pack: $100 for 5 classes (equates to $20 per class)
10 Class Pack: $175 (equates to $17.50 per class)
20 Class Pack: $300 (equates to $15 per class)

By far Yogatown has the most impressive Team profiles as it showcases 56 profiles ranging from their General Manager, Owners, Teachers, and Front Desk Staff! You can truly feel how much they cherish their staff and how they aim to encompass a family feel, as every staff is equally valued and celebrated. You can check out their bios at Yogatown also has 3 locations across the Ottawa region for those Ottawans living away from downtown who also want to experience the wonders of yoga without wanting to experience the hassle of driving far through traffic. Be sure to check out to view the schedules for the location closest to you.

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Quiet down, settle down, and relax deeply. Join Ayesha Basi and Alex Ure for this 2-part inward journey of restorative yoga and meditation. Restorative yoga and meditation have the same end goals, to use the tools of quiet and stillness to connect to our truest selves. Paired together, the powerful effect is deep inner stillness, relaxation and a sense of clarity and calm as we connect to our true essence, values and ways of being. These two modalities are important tools to the juxtaposition of our increasingly yang lifestyles, and both work to draw our body and mind back to a more balanced state. We will gather for two sessions that are 2 hours long each. Each session will include both theory and practice of restorative yoga and meditation. Leave with calming tools that can be integrated in your yoga practice and your life, on an everyday basis. All levels are welcome. We encourage you to bring a light blanket, something to cover your eyes (e.g. eye pillow if you have one, or a small towel etc.) & wear comfortable clothes. Dates: Saturday March 7th & 14th Time: 3:30pm – 5:30pm Investment: $80 / $70 member Location: Preston @_alexure @movement_and_breath #yoga #ottawayoga #yogaottawa #yogaworkshop #restorativeyoga #meditation #myyogatown #townie #ottawayogateachers #yogatown #igersofottawa #ottawa #stittsville #sweatlife #fitness #motivation #fitnessmotivation #yogi #photography #life #instagood #yogalife #yogaeverydamnday #lifestyle #yogatowneverydamnday

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SoulSpeak Yoga

1226 Wellington St W #201, Ottawa, ON K1Y 3A1

Drop-In Price: $20 for 1 class
5 Class Pack: $80 for 5 classes (equates to $16 per class)
20 Class Pack: $280 for 20 classes (equates to $14 per class)

The bios for the 19 instructors listed on SoulSpeak Ottawa’s website (find them at all sound so passionate about their practices and excited to help you experience the joys and benefits that yoga has to offer! SoulSpeak’s schedule is also quite impressive as some days (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays) they offer classes as early as 6:15am, and some days (Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays) they offer classes all the way until 10:00pm! Be sure to check out to see the rest of the weeks’ schedules and to learn about those classes offered more in-depth. Their Instagram is also the most unique as it showcases all of their photos in black and white, setting them apart from all of the other yoga studios. Check it out below!

Astanga Yoga

200 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1W8

Drop-In Price: $18 for 1 class
5 Class Pack: $75 (equates to $15 per class)
10 Class Pack: $150 (equates to $15 per class)
20 Class Pack: $280 (equates to $14 per class)
30 Class Pack: $380 (equates to $12.67 per class)

Astanga Yoga really impressed me with the amount of Drop-In class pack options they offer, all at such affordable prices too! 30 classes may sound like a lot, but for yoga fanatics who want the flexibility to drop in whenever’s convenient for their schedules, $12.67 a class is such a fantastic find. Astanga offers drop-in classes Mondays-Fridays usually from 6:00am until well into the evening (ranges from 6:15pm-9:00pm) and although their weekend class times are limited, it does not mean they lack in quality. Be sure to check out for more details, as well as their homepage to read their exciting “Studio News”!

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Look who we saw back in the Mysore room this week… . We’re so happy to see @_like_a_ray_of_light back practicing with us after her second leg surgery. We are stronger than we think, which importantly includes listening to and honoring our bodies with the choices we make. Adjusting and readjusting our practice to life’s events, be it an injury or any other traumatic incident, is difficult as most of us want to do everything again all at once. Yet strength and grace is built one breathe and day at a time. Andrea is a living example of this. . . Hope you’re enjoying moon day today yogis. . . #astangayoga #astangayogaottawa #ottawayoga #mysoremagic #ashtanga #ashtangalove #practiceandalliscoming

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