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  • JUMP!’s Greed

    JUMP!’s Greed

    You’ll be up against the clock and the game will randomly generate dollar amounts that could go up, could go down… Or could bust at ANY time! Your job is to yell “STOP” to walk away with the money or to feed your greed for the chance to win more… But risk losing it all.

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  • The 10K Business Giveaway

    The 10K Business Giveaway

    JUMP! 106.9 want to help, our local merchants succeed and thrive. That’s why we are giving you the exclusive opportunity to win a $10,000 radio advertising campaign for your business. Fill out an application, for your chance to win!

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  • Tony and Dayna’s Pop Quiz

    Tony and Dayna’s Pop Quiz

    Listen weekday afternoons at 2:55pm with Tony & Dayna for their Pop Quiz question. When you hear it, go to our Instagram stories @JUMPOttawa and enter the correct answer for your chance to win $100 Lotto Max for upcoming draws, so you can Live to the Max!

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  • JUMP! Back Playback

    JUMP! Back Playback

    Place your vote with the JUMP! Back Playback on our @JUMPOttawa Instagram story, @JUMPOttawa on Twitter, or by calling or texting us at (613) 750-1069. One lucky person who votes will INSTANTLY win $50 to Sensations Plus!

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