The JUMP! 106.9 Cash Bandit FAQ

The JUMP! 106.9 Cash Bandit FAQ


Q: Can I play the game more than once?

A: You can try and catch the Cash Bandit every time they are out but once you find them and win money, you cannot play again.

Q: I live outside of Ottawa. Do I still have a chance to catch the Cash Bandit?

A: Short answer is yes but, the Cash Bandit will only be within the confines of city limits. You will have to be within the City of Ottawa to find them.

Q: If I think I found the Cash Bandit, how do I win?

A: If you think you found the Cash Bandit, you have to ask them “Are you the JUMP! 106.9 Cash Bandit” (that question is important!) If you’re correct, that person will let you know and hand you a letter with your next instructions to claim the $1,000!

Q: Can my family members play if I have won money?

A: Yes! Only you would not be able to play.

Q: Do I have to be 18 years old to play?


Q: I am a resident of Quebec, can I still play?

A: No, only residents of Ontario are able to play this contest.

Q: I found the cash bandit, what’s next?

A: Follow the instructions in the letter the Cash Bandit gave your to claim the $1,000 Bounty!