Restaurants In Ottawa You Don’t Know Have Amazing Vegetarian/Vegan Options

Restaurants In Ottawa

You Don’t Know Have Amazing Vegetarian/Vegan Options

By Mary Fournier


As more people are becoming vegetarian and vegan, there’s definitely been an influx of restaurants popping up that only serve delicious meals with no animal products. But not many people remember there was a time when wanting to dine out when you didn’t eat animal products involved a basic salad with lettuce, tomato, onions and a dressing that probably had anchovies in it. As someone who suffered during that time…it was rough.

But wanting to dine out doesn’t have to be going only to the places that are solely vegetarian and vegan, we got options now! Keep scrolling and try not to get too hungry.


When It’s Taco Tuesday-El Camino


Who doesn’t want to devour 5 tacos with a margarita? El Camino arguably has some of the best tacos in the city and their veggie options are a taste buds dream. Definitely check out their Japanese eggplant and cauliflower tacos, they’re super delicious and you’d never guess that eggplant, cauliflower and tacos would be used in the same sentence. You definitely can’t have just one. (Keep in mind when getting tacos to ask for the vegan sauce, an A+ server told me that the main sauce they use contains fish).

El Camino’s website


Feeling Bougie-Next


Next is a go-to if you’re looking for a fancy date night or if you like the finer things in life. Looking at their menu you’ll see that they don’t have many veggie options, but this is where you and your better half get the blind sharing menu. Tell your server your dietary restriction is vegetarian or vegan and get ready for a surprise of 9 dishes in 5 waves. I can’t even begin to tell you how appetizing the food is and you’ll definitely not be interested in sharing your dishes. If you and your date don’t leave with a food baby and in a food coma, they’re not the one for you.

Next’s website


Cravin’ Some Asian Inspiration-Datsun


Datsun is an Asian fusion restaurant that is what dreams are made of. Owned by the same people as El Camino, you know when you leave you’re going to be satisfied. Served tapas style, you’ll honestly want to try every veggie item on their menu. Stand-outs are hard to pick since everything is so freaking delicious but their bao buns are definitely a must.

Datsun’s website

All You Want Is A Fast Food Burger-The Works


When I stopped eating meat, one of the biggest things I missed was easily heading out for a fast-food burger. I could go and buy veggie patties to make at home or go to some restaurants that served veggie burgers but I was never satisfied (this was before Beyond Meat took over). But The Works always hit the spot. Their crazy patty toppings are surprisingly tasty and paired with fries and a dipping sauce…say no more, my life is complete. Vegetarian favourites are the Sexy Burger (if you like some heat) and the Son Of A Beech. They also have more vegan options with their new Knock Your Plants Off burger. Get your taste buds ready.

The Works’s website

Take Out But Make It Healthy-Mad Radish

Nothing bothers a vegetarian or vegan more than a basic salad, trust me. Unless its Mad Radish. They give you bowls with some of the regulars in a salad but topped with spiced vegetables, fruits, marinated tofu and flavourful dressings. Some of the best options are the Bibimbowl, Smoky Caesar and Butter Cauliflower Curry. Mad Radish takes your basic salad and shows you how they should really be made.

Mad Radish’s website


Brunch Royalty-The Vanitea Room


Who doesn’t want to go for brunch with friends to gossip? Proper English tea? Plus having mouthwatering vegan dishes? Let’s go! The Vanitea Room is this cozy little spot that makes waking up early on the weekend totally worth it. Definitely try the Lovingly Spiced Vegan Benedict and their Tofu Hash. Did I mention they have bottomless mimosas?

The Vanitea Room’s website