Must-Have Songs On Your Party Playlist

Must-Have Songs On Your Party Playlist

By Mary Fournier

April 3rd is National Party Day and since you’re always welcomed to our party, we’re giving you some knowledge on the songs we always party to that you definitely need on your playlist to have THE perfect party.


I Got A Feeling-The Black Eyed Peas


If this song is not included in your playlist, what are you doing? Whether it’s playing at the pre-drink, at the party or at the end of the night, this song sets the mood for the entire night.

How We Do (Party)-Rita Ora


When this song comes on, you better be screaming the lyrics. ‘How We Do’ is perfect for when your crush shows up to the party and you’re constantly glancing at each other or having an incredible, wild night with your girls. It’s just how you do.

Hot In Herre-Nelly


It could be the hottest day of the summer or the coldest day of winter but the moment Nelly sings ‘it’s getting hot in here’, you know what’s happening next.

Yeah!-Usher, Lil Jon, Ludacris


This puts everyone in the mood to party. You know your party is fire when everyone starts shouting ‘yeah’ cause yeah, they’re having an amazing night.

Pursuit Of Happiness (Nightmare)-Kid Cudi


This one is a perfect mood booster and a great sing-a-long. It’s not even a question that you’ll be topping up your drink when this song starts playing.

I Love It-Icona Pop


90’s kids where you at?! Millennials will lose it the moment they hear the beat. This song is also perfect if you’re recently single and want to let loose with your friends. You do care about having a good night and you’re going to love it.

Don’t You Worry Child-Swedish House Mafia


The storytelling in the lyrics will give you chills but the beat and bass drops will pump you up for the entire night. There’s a reason this song is so popular.

Wake Me Up-Avicii


When this song first came out you were dancing to it before you even realized and you’ll still be doing the same today.

Celebration-Kool & The Gang


It’s an oldie but a goodie for all the right reasons. You’re going to dance and sing at the top of your lungs to this one-no question. Whether its a birthday, a special event or a night out just for fun, you’re celebrating having a good time with those who matter most.

Till The World Ends-Britney Spears


‘Keep on dancing till the world ends’? I mean if you’re all about dancing at the party this song is for you. If you’re a Britney lover, love to dance or don’t want your night to end, this song is a must.