JUMP! Get me to Coachella FAQ

JUMP! Get me to Coachella FAQ


Q: Can I enter more than once?

A: You can enter your name in the draw once per Ariana Song. So, if you hear Ariana Grande 24x in one day, you could have 24 entries that day.

Q: I texted in, but never received confirmation. Am I still in the draw?

A: Yes! Because of the volume of messages we get, the system overloads and not everyone gets a kickback message from us. We promise you are in the draw if you text in during an Ariana Grande song!

Q: I texted in 2 weeks ago, am I still in the draw?

A: Our qualifying resets after the first Grand Prize draw on Friday, March 15th at 4:00pm. If you texted before that, you’ll need to text in again when you hear a song to get in the draw again.

Q: What if I text my name more than once during a song?

A: Only your first entry will be counted. The rest of your entries will be invalid and discarded.

Q: I don’t have a passport, can I still win?

A: You will need to have a valid passport in order to use the prize, so you better go and get that taken care ASAP!

Q: How old do I have to be to enter?

A: You must me 21 years of age or older.

Q: Are there any other requirement the winner should be aware of?

A: Yes! They must be legally able to travel to Los Angeles, California, USA, and have any and all necessary documentation as may be required for presentation to Canadian and/or International customs and airport personnel; have a valid driver’s license and car insurance sufficient to cover a car rental before and for the duration of the prize trip; and be available to travel from April 18, 2019 through April 22, 2019.

Q: I am a resident of Quebec, can I still play?

A: No, sorry! Only residents of Ontario are eligible to play this contest.