Happy National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day!

Happy National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day!

By: Julia Prendergast

It’s National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day – what better time is there to take in some adorable adoption success stories?

The Ottawa Humane Society is a great place to get involved if you’re interested in adopting, fostering, or even volunteering!

By rescuing a pet (new or old) from a shelter or the Ottawa Humane Society, you are helping to lessen the overpopulation of pets! There are not enough homes for all of the animals born every year – by adopting, families are saving that animal’s life, as well as finding a best friend for life. Furthermore, you’re making room in that shelter for other pets to see their chance at a great new life.

It’s said that pets provide psychological, emotional, and physical benefits to their owners; taking care of an animal can lessen loneliness and provides a sense of fulfillment. Not to mention the unconditional love you receive in return!

Sit With Me Rescue has also been in the business of saving dogs in the Ottawa and Gatineau region since 2012. You can keep up with all of the animals and their amazing stories on the shelter’s Instagram:

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Another pooch that came into care recently is Nugget. This young 2 year old husky mix is happy-go-lucky and is a lady's man. He is the perfect example of why RESPECTING the traits of a breed before getting a dog is ESSENTIAL. He was left at the shelter for being exactly what his breed dictates he should be. It is super true that puppies are as cute as can be but getting a puppy – through a breeder or even a rescue – needs to be well researched and you need to ask yourself if this is a commitment you can stick to for 15+ years. If not, then stick to babysitting dogs, or volunteering at a local shelter or rescue. Thank you to the shelter for reaching out and giving this guy a chance in rescue. He is energetic, silly, sweet and easy to love when he is well exercised and mentally stimulated. He is not yet available for adoption as he requires vet care and we need to get to know him a bit better, so please hold off on emailing our volunteers. They are already overwhelmed. Thank you to Cheryl and family for taking him in. Welcome to the rescue, Nugget.

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Sit With Me Rescue is working to give back to the community during this time – their Sit With Me Supporting Local fundraising auction is accepting donations of gift cards to any of the awesome local businesses in the surrounding area. They’ll then be auctioning them off, to support both the businesses and the dogs.

For those of you with pets, the Ottawa Humane Society is always here to help. They’re offering a ‘drive-thru emergency pet food bank‘, welcoming any families experiencing financial hardship.

There are so many animals, from puppies to adult animals, that are looking for their ‘furrever home’. If you’re considering adopting a shelter pet, remember to read their profile thoroughly and get to know their own personality. They’ll love you for you!