Virginia to Vegas

Virginia To Vegas has delivered the follow up single to “We Are Stars” featuring Alyssa Reid with “Don’t Fight”. The enigmatic singer and songwriter Derik Baker has combined feel-good electronic groove with an infectious chorus to create a unique brand of indie pop that is creating a stir among music critics and fans alike.

Probably Raymond

Cool, versatile, in-tune. A few words that only begin to describe the 22-year-old artist, Probably Raymond. Hailing from Toronto, Canada Raymond stands out. Amongst his city and his peers, Raymond is something truly unique. With a style that bends genres, brings energy, and drips personality he has dubbed himself, Highly Animated. Netting over 3 million plays on major streaming platforms Raymond shows he’s a not just unique, but people want to hear him.

In 2018 Raymond released his most versatile project to date, the ‘Trash’. Landing him in the view of Spotify Playlist along the lines of New Music Fridays and Northern Bars. To follow up Raymond released his summer track, ‘Old Ways’. Off the strength of ‘Old Ways’, he performed at every major Toronto Summer Festival (Manifesto, NXNE, etc.), toured with universal pop signees ‘New City’, and threw a sold-out single release for his song, ‘Matter’.

Time and time again Raymond shows he’s more than just a one-note artist. He is talented, strategic, and intelligent. Slated to release an EP in summer 2019 Raymond plans to send a message.

He’s not just an artist to watch, he’s THE artist to watch.