Whisky Ottawa 2023

The festival offers you the opportunity to taste whiskies from around the world. As well, learn how to create incredible cocktails using all these unique whiskies and take in a Masterclass or two.

Meet all of the Whisky families, Rye, Scotch and Bourbons. Learn from the Whisky Ambassadors on site with over 120 whiskies to sample from. Try before you buy!

Dougal Barr – Douglas Laing Global Brand Ambassador

With a Masters in Scottish History from the University of Edinburgh and well over a decade of public speaking experience, Dougal found the world of Whisky a very organic and natural fit when he stepped into discussing Scotland’s largest and most famous export. Having worked with world renowned brands such as Auchentoshan, Bowmore, Laphroaig and Glen Garioch over several years with Beam Suntory, Dougal had the perfect knowledge base to step into the diverse world of Douglas Laing & Co as their Global Brand Ambassador. Whether it is an education in blending and Blended Malts with the Remarkable Regional Malts Series or deep-diving into the wonderful world of independently bottled Single Cask expressions, you can expect a passionate, easy-going discussion around the wonderful history of Scotch whisky, the science behind it and the delights it can offer up to the newcomer and seasoned whisky drinking veteran alike.

  • Big Peat (Islay blended malt)
  • Timorous Beastie (Highlands blended malt)
  • Scallywag (Speyside blended malt)
  • Epicurean (Lowland blended malt)
  • Rock Island (Islands blended malt)
  • Gauldrons (Campbeltown blended malt)

Dougal will then join the other vendors on the Grand Tasting Hall floor to interact with all of Ottawa’s whisky enthuses that have come out for the ninth edition of Whisky Ottawa.