A $1,000 Pay-Day, Courtesy of Us!

A $1,000 Pay-Day, Courtesy of Us!

By: Julia Prendergast

Have you been on the lookout for I Don’t Care by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber? If so, you’ve definitely heard about our $1,000 song! Whenever you hear the whole song (yes – in its entirety!), it’s your job to call us – if you’re the 106th caller, it’s our job to hand over $1,000.

While we all know the smart idea is to save, where’s the fun in that? Here are a few ideas on how to spend a quick grand to really get you excited:

1. A concert (or two)

$1,000 can definitely get you into a few concerts – one great or a few with average seats, I’d say. Whether you want to head to Toronto for the upcoming Harry Styles show, or stay right here in Ottawa, you’re spoiled for choice! You could even grab a VIP RBC Bluesfest pass and see all these artists in one spot:

2. Skydiving

For those adventurous souls, $1,000 can definitely buy you some time flying through the skies. Depending on which package you purchase, you could be free falling for nearly one minute (at about 200 km/h!).

3. Night of luxury at Nordik Spa-Nature

While I’m sure we’ve all heard about the saunas and pools at Nordik Spa-Nature, have you ever considered staying over for a night of luxury? You can rent your own lodge (big enough for 6 people!) for a little less than your full payout. Why not pamper yourself and your friends with a wraparound balcony and outdoor cocktail bar, to say the least?

4. An extravagant meal

Ottawa’s own Atelier is one of the most expensive and extravagant restaurants in the city. The atmosphere is intimate and the service accommodating. Atelier serves a 12-course tasting menu every night, though they will make substitutions for any strong preferences or dietary needs. From helium-filled, edible balloons to incredible wine pairings, you won’t waste a cent.


5. Rent a mustang race car

Have you ever wanted to own a mustang? With your $1,000, you can for a day! With a “Feel the Rush” package, you’ll get your own personal coach assigned to you as well as the car and track time. Live out your millionaire dreams in style!

Remember to listen to JUMP! 106.9 all day, every day for your chance to win. Call us as soon as you hear the song “I Don’t Care” in full, and hope to be the 106th  caller. What would you spend your $1,000 payout on? We’ve already had 2 winners – you could be next!