Weekends with Brooke and Jeffery


Brooke is a Marconi Award winning radio host, TV personality, new mom and small town kid living the big city dream. She’s worked in morning radio for 13 years and spent three seasons as a host of FOX TV’s “Dish Nation.” She was voted by Evening Magazine as one of the “Top 25 Most Beautiful People in the Northwest” alongside Ryan Reynolds, Isaiah Mustafa and Macklemore (although she’s still pretty sure there was a mistake) and is humbled to have served as a spokesperson for the Komen Foundation (recipient of the Outstanding Media Partner Award 2014) and the American Heart Association. Brooke grew up in a town of 700 that still doesn’t have a stoplight, and made the leap to the big city of Seattle in 2007. She counts herself lucky to be married to an amazing man, Michael, who has the humour of a 12-year-old and the cholesterol of a 65-year-old. As proud parents to a toddler and new baby boy, they are living in a constant state of sleep-deprived, delirious, life-altering joy.


Brooke and Jubal