Jesse Reynolds

If you’ve gotten to know Jesse on-air, you’ll be able to guess that his favourite drink is wine. Red wine, white wine, whatever. Caramel frappucinos are a distant second.

Jesse’s favourite TV shows are Seinfeld, Keeping Up Appearances, and any of the Real Housewives. He credits Wendy Williams for helping him prepare the JUMP! Sleaze every day.

Once again, if you know anything about Jesse, it should come as no surprise that when you ask Jesse who his favourite artist is, his response is: “It’s Britney b*tch!” – direct quote.

When he’s not on-air, Jesse can be found telling jokes on stage at Yuk Yuk’s or playing with his two Chihuahuas, Lopez & Lincoln.

Jenna Mo

Jenna is a huge football fan.

She is the first to tell you that she is never the quiet one in the room. Her outgoing personality aside, she cries like a baby when watching The Voice.

Jenna is a tomboy in stilettos.

Celebrity gossip is her trade.

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