Zach Braff Calls Ex Florence Pugh A ‘Once In A Generation Level Talent’

Zach Braff has nothing but mountains of praise for Florence Pugh.

In an interview with ET Canada’s Mikael Melo, the writer and director of “A Good Person” talked about working with his ex, Pugh, who stars in the movie.

“Just like everybody else on Earth, I just think she’s the most incredible actress, you know?” he said of his star.

He then listed off all the great directors who who sought to work with her, including Ari Aster on the film “Midsommar” and Greta Gerwig on “Little Women”, for which Pugh received an Oscar nomination.

“Everyone’s lining up to work with her,” Braff added. “She’s just a one of a kind once in a generation level talent. And I just wanted to write something for her. And I just felt so lucky that she liked what I wrote.”

In “A Good Person”, Pugh plays Alison, a woman with a happy life and a fiancé, who loses everything in a terrible accident, and then becomes addicted to opioids during her recovery. She eventually strikes up a friendship with her would-be father-in-law, played by Morgan Freeman, that turns out to be life-changing.

“The thing I’m feeling most joy about is when I’m now sharing it with audiences. I’ve been touring around the country and doing Q&A and and when you see the audience response to it in a theatre, that’s the thing that feels great because these feelings of grief and loss are often very lonely times in one’s life,” the director said.

“And to have the communal experience of sharing it with others and then seeing them empathize and relate, and see the story in their own lives, that’s when it feels so wonderful. I needed to be reminded that these are very human, universal feelings that we all go through.”

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