Lorde Opens Up About Her Struggle With Stage Fright In David Byrne Chat

Lorde’s music may be loved around the world, but she’s not always super confident when it comes to performing it on stage for fans.

The singer speaks out about her struggle with stage fright in an interview with David Byrne, of whom she’s a huge fan, for Rolling Stone‘s “Musicians on Musicians” package.

“I don’t have a good answer for that,” she tells the Talking Heads founder of where her stage ftight comes from.

“It’s a real problem that I’m trying to get on top of,” she continues. “I try to write something down. I tape little notes to the stage for myself, so I would go over and be able to read something that me from the past is trying to tell me from the future. But it’s a real struggle.”

She adds: “It’s hard to know if the pandemic has made my stage fright worse or better, because I haven’t had the chance to test it out. I do think this album is a little bit more calm, and maybe that will help. Maybe the content will help me feel a bit more chilled out,” referencing her 2021 release Solar Power.

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“I do a lot of puzzles on tour,” she says of her pre-performance rituals. “I’m often applying a piece right when it’s time to go, which maybe doesn’t help the stage fright. That’s too much of a change of mood. I’m still looking for the puzzle at the first song.”

The pair also discuss social media, with Byrne admitting he tends to stay away from it.

“When social media started to emerge, I thought, ‘I think I have enough to do, rather than feeding this.’ I was more concerned about my workflow than concerned about what other effects it might have,” he explained.

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“I actually find out about a lot of new things from newspapers on my phone. Almost more than I would from Twitter or something,” added Lorde.

“I miss a lot, and that was something that I had to become okay with, because as a teenager and late adolescent, I had all the fingers on all the pulses about every little subgenre and undercurrent. Choosing to relinquish that was difficult.”

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