There's a new "Charlie's Angels" movie in theatres this weekend! Check out the latest TRAILERS!

Last weekend the story of the battle of “Midway” was #1 at the box office. It brought in $17.8 million!

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The sequel to “The Shining” was a disappointing #2. “Doctor Sleep” only made $14 million.

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With $12.7 million, in at #3 was John Cena and “Playing With Fire”.

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The final numbers for all films HERE


This weekend, it doesn’t look like too many blockbusters are being released! Have a look –

“Charlie’s Angels” – Starring Kristen Stewart

Here’s the theme song to the 1970’s TV show!


“Ford v Ferrari” – Starring Christian Bale


“The Good Liar” – Starring Helen Mirren


“Waves” – Starring Taylor Russell

Details on all new films HERE


Enjoy your weekend! We are already halfway through November!

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