That’s going to leave a mark!

It happens to most performers. Bright lights in your face, an unknown surrounding, it’s a perfect storm for a fall!

Last week Lady Gaga took a tumble off stage during a performance. But, she’s not the first and won’t be the last!!

This is actor Kelsey Grammer, many years ago he took one too many steps. Not to make light of the situation, I think the funniest thing is what he says as he’s falling!

‘OH DEAR LORD!’ Classy even on the way down!

This is Madonna from 2015 at the Brit Awards. Not really a fall it’s a cape malfunction?!

Foo Fighters Dave Grohl had a LEGENDARY fall off stage.

Now to Lady Gaga… there are several videos her falling.

The lesson? Don’t try and bring an audience member into the show. Leave it to professionals!


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