Ottawa's Hillary McKibbon needs your help this weekend!

Over the past few months you may have heard the story of 6 year old Hillary McKibbon. She’s battling a rare condition called Aplastic Anemia. This disease causes Hillary’s bone marrow to stop producing enough red cells, white cells, and platelets. She requires blood transfusions to keep her alive.

She cannot attend school and requires around the clock care. The only thing that can save her life is a bone marrow transplant. But she requires a donor that’s a perfect match, which she has not yet found. The Ottawa community has come together to support her and try to find her a donor through stem cell drives but no luck yet.

This weekend there’s another opportunity to possibly save this girl’s life, and get on the Stem Cell registry to save others.

On Sunday October 6 from 2-5 pm there will be another #GetSwabbed event in honour of Hillary. It’s taking place at the Carleton University Ice House (Main Foyer and Room 14). Everyone is welcome to join in but MALES ages 17-35 years can provide the best possible patient outcome. If you’re outside that age range, please pass this along to anyone you think might be able to help!

You can keep up with Hillary on her Twitter account here!

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