Kingston council debate over AC in businesses gets heated

WATCH: Temper's flared during council debate over AC bylaw

Tempers got heated in a debate over air conditioning at Kingston city council Tuesday night.

The debated motion — which calls for a bylaw that forces businesses to close their doors and windows when their air conditioning is on — ended up passing 8 to 5, but not before it got personal.

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Coun. Simon Chapelle made a comment regarding Coun. Jeff McLaren’s remarks, saying: “It’s difficult to follow the communist manifesto I just heard.”

Chapelle was sanctioned for his comment and asked to focus on only the matter at hand.

McLaren didn’t ask for an apology and said there are many times when councillors on different ends of debate butt heads.

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“I see this as a technique to discredit. It’s a modern technique that’s being popularized by Trump, I think, and it didn’t work in this case, so I’m really happy about that,” McLaren said.

Chapelle said his comments were “tongue and cheek”.

“I’m often the target of comments about my position of things… your mind wanders and you end up saying probably something many viewers at home are thinking themselves,” Chapelle said later.

Kingston city councillors look to end wasteful air-conditioning with new bylaw

“I don’t know why we should be in the business of city councillors dictating to a private entity, how they should be operating,” Chapelle added.

McLaren said this as a positive step toward making Kingston more environmentally friendly.

“When you stop an unsustainable practice from developing in the first place, or stop it and nip it in the bud, everyone is better off.”

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