Ed Sheeran stars is new commercial for Heinz 'Edchup'

For years, Ed Sheeran has been a Heinz Ketchup enthusiast. He is without a doubt the number one fan of Heinz. He even has a bottle of it tattooed on his arm!

So earlier this month when Ed announced his partnership with Heinz ketchup (on national ketchup day, mind you) to get his very own limited edition ‘Edchip’ bottle, it totally made sense.

And now we have our first ‘Edchup ad’. The ad is exactly what Sheeran pitched to Heinz in a direct message on Instagram back in April, when he shouted out the brand in a post asking to slide in his DMs. That DM resulted in not only is very own bottle, but his very own Heinz commercial.

Unfortunately early releases of the bottles have sold out. And of course people are trying to make a quick buck by reselling them on eBay. Your best bet though, is to wait and check back with Heinz on Instagram to find out when you can get yours next. You can watch his new commercial below!

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