'Big Brother Canada': Second evicted houseguest says 'people are scared'

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on unless you’ve watched Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother Canada.


In a jaw-dropping house shocker, Toronto’s peaceful poet, Maki (Mac Daddy) Moto, was evicted from the Big Brother Canada (BBCAN) house in a rare tie vote broken by Head of Household Dane Rupert.

Nominated by Rupert earlier in the week, Maki Moto was on the block with Montreal’s Kyra Shenker.

Global / Corus

Global / Corus

Rupert’s self-mandated mission to control the power in the house – and backdoor Samantha Picco – was abruptly terminated upon discovering the season’s newest twist: the Head of Household cannot play for the POV.

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With the new rules in play, Adam Pike – whose budding showmance with Picco is starting to reveal itself – secured Picco’s safety by choosing not to use the POV, ultimately sending Maki Moto out the door, and rocking a visibly divided and emotional house.

WATCH BELOW: ‘Big Brother Canada’s’ latest evictee

With no opportunity to take Maki Moto or Shenker off the block, Rupert’s new mission was to eliminate wildcard Shenker. But in a candid conversation during the week, Maki Moto mistakenly told Rupert he would nominate him next in retaliation.

Clearly upsetting the current Head of Household, when given the opportunity to break the tie during the live eviction, Rupert ultimately voted Maki Moto out because he posed a threat to his personal game.

Corus / Global

Corus / Global

Global News spoke with Maki Moto the day after his eviction and asked him about his time in the Big Brother Canada house.

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Global News: Maki I am heartbroken! 
Maki Moto: Uh-oh. What did I do?

I’m sure the rest of Canada is heartbroken as well. I really wanted you to win. You were the most entertaining and positive houseguest I’ve seen in BBCAN history.
That makes me very happy to hear, thank you.

How does it feel to be outside of the BBCAN house?
A sense of freedom. Freedom from super fake people. I get to, you know, go back to cartoons and cereal and enjoy my life, but I’m a little gutted, to be honest. I truly didn’t think I’d get out this early. But, I mean, I can be sitting and regret in my whole life, right? I’m happy for the experience.

You put a plague on the house and the houseguests as you left the house! How did you feel in that moment when you were heading up the stairs and declared that?
I felt like I was totally in a Shakespearean play at that moment. I just channelled that. It’s just people’s true nature comes out in hard times and I truly felt that. And it was kind of vengeful, now that I look back. But they made it that. They needed a little bit of grounding. They needed to know where they’re going, they need to know the damage that they’re doing to good people. And I felt like just putting that plague on them gave them a chance to ground themselves and realize what they’re really doing in that house.

Do you feel like you did anything to hurt your own game? Maybe telling Dane you were going to put him up if you won HOH?
I still don’t regret that to this day because, to be honest, it was like giving him a taste of his own medicine and just turning it back around on him. I do realize that the words matter very much in that house, even just bouncing ideas off people — I’m too naive. I realized saying that would maybe — just in the same aspect of him put me on the block — he would be understanding, but the words I used there just get turned around and used against you. I didn’t realize that every single person I talked to is a potential enemy.

I feel like, as a viewer, seeing you tell Dane, ‘Next week if I went HOH you’re going up,’ that was respectful and others might think, ‘OK, that was savage,’ but it was still really good to watch.
Good! I’m there to put on a good show, like, just keep it on honest. If he’s gonna ask me I’m straight-up gonna tell him. It’s not like I’ll say no and then next week I put him up. So in that moment, in that honesty, it seemed totally logical to say, ‘Yeah, I would put you up. You put me up, so what’s the problem?’

It’s only fair! Would you do anything differently if you were offered the chance to enter the house again?
Absolutely not. I’m very proud of myself, the way I went in. I had a great time. I was truly honest. I guess in retrospect I would be more silent, I would be more choice with my words and I would be careful who I speak to in group settings versus one-on-one settings. But ultimately I think I would have played the same exact game because I don’t want to look back and be like, ‘That wasn’t me.’

Who do you think could win it all?
It’s really up in the air. I just don’t want the bad guys to win. I want someone like Este to win, or Kiki or Momma to win — the underdogs. I sparked a fire in their belly and they’re just going to gun it for the gold. I would love one of them to win.

Who was the hardest to live with? Did anyone get under your skin?
Adam definitely had a presence in the house. He’s just bigger, stronger — you see this guy working out and you’re like ‘Holy moly, this is my competition?’ But Kyra also was kind of a downer. I tried my best to respect their space but their presence wasn’t the greatest, to be honest, just the vibes weren’t matching.

What made you want to be a houseguest since you haven’t really watched any other seasons of BBCAN?
I’m totally down for the whole social experiment of it, whole human nature. Just being locked in a house with strangers, having nothing but our brains in our hands to go with. I love being a human. Being put in another house with these people that are maybe used to just being disconnected or being an escape artist, just using their phones or using TV and being locked in there and seeing true human nature come out. I find that supremely interesting and that’s why I went in.

Did you learn anything about yourself during your time inside the house?
Yeah, I was so amused that I could be considered a threat. Like, it blew my mind that people as big as Anthony or Adam can consider me a threatening person just because I’m comfortable in my own skin, just because I push myself to do good in competitions. I truly never thought that I would be a threatening person. I should turn around and thank them because I guess they’re proving that I got real power in this.

You were a comp beast! You definitely stood out even in the first competition where you almost won. I think that threatened all of them.
People are scared man, people are scared and it’s so interesting what people do when they’re scared. They put their tails between their legs and whoever seems like they may be better than them, they’ll go after them first. And I really find that amusing because other than the competitions and pushing myself I was so chillin’ in that house. I was just chillin’ and dancing, having a good time. It’s just funny to me that people big and strong that you think are so secure in themselves could be scared of someone like literally me.

Are you watching any other reality TV other than BBCAN?
Honestly, no I’m not. I stick to my cartoons. I like my Looney Tunes and Ninja Turtles.

Classics! What’s next for you in 2019?
Hopefully, I’m going to use this exposure and I’ll get some more writing done, get more music going and just living my good old life like I was before.

Is there any closing statement you’d like to leave your fans with?
I love everyone that watches the show — I truly appreciate it. I hope I made you guys proud. I kept true to my word. I tried my best to be myself and I know I came out a little early but I know I made an impact on the people in the house and I hoped that I inspire people to do the same.

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