Another 'Ghostbusters' movie: Jason Reitman aims for 2020 release

WATCH: Teaser trailer for new "Ghostbuster" movie, directed by Canadian Jason Reitman.

Hollywood continues to dig through the ashes of blockbusters past, and 1984 supernatural hit Ghostbusters is being resurrected once again, this time by the original director’s son, Canadian Jason Reitman.

Reitman’s father, Ivan, helmed the original, widely considered the best of the franchise’s films.

Produced by Sony Pictures, the movie is expected to start shooting this summer, and the planned target release is for 2020.

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Industry publication Variety reports that the movie will be a continuation of the 1984 original and will have no connection to the recent 2016 reboot with an all-female lead cast. Sources also say that Reitman has started testing teens for four mystery roles — two boys and two girls.

Of the four original Ghostbusters — Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson — three are still alive. Ramis, who played the nerdy Egon, passed away in 2014. It’s unclear if any of them will reprise their roles for this sequel.

The 2016 remake didn’t fare very well at the box office or with critics, but Sony still has faith in the franchise. The studio did its best to keep the news of Reitman’s movie under wraps, even giving the film the code name Rust City until the information was released to the public.

Apparently, the script has already been written by Reitman, along with cowriter Gil Kenan.

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