TRENDING VIDEO: 'Baby It's Cold Outside' parody, 'Baby, Just Go Outside'

The Christmas classic Baby, It’s Cold Outside, has been the center of controversy this month after being pulled from radio station airways over comments that the song wasn’t a good reflection of the #metoo climate.

This caused an entirety new outrage from people who though the song was innocent, and didn’t deserve to be pulled from Christmas playlists.

Citing all this backlash, the song has been re-added to many stations across Canada.

It has also been targeted for many a parody. Including this sarcastic one that’s sitting on the trending YouTube page today from YouTubers The Holderness Family. They imagine the song if it reflected the concerns of those who took offence to the song in the first place.

Since the outrage, three versions of the original song are also climbing the charts. Dean Martin’s version from 1959 . Zooey Deschanel and Leon Redbone’s interpretation from the “Elf”soundtrack in 2003, and a version recorded by Idina Menzel and Michael Buble in 2014.

These were the three largest gainers of ANY songs on “Billboard’s” latest Holiday Digital Song Sales chart.



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