ICYMI: The Scene from 'The Big Bang Theory' Season Finale You Didn't See

If you didn’t seen the season finale of ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ and you have it on the PVR… SPOILER ALERT!!!

Anyway, yes, it’s finally done. Sheldon and Amy got married with family and friends in attendance. The show featured some awesome guest star appearances, including Wil Wheaton, Laurie Metcalf (both with reoccurring roles on the show), Kathy Bates, Teller and Mark Hamill.

However, there was one reoccurring guest star who was not in the finale that made an impact… and you did not see it during the episode. On Friday morning, CBS posted a scene on their social media accounts. Leonard and Penny dropped off wedding gifts that were accidentally delivered to their apartment. One of them was from the late Stephen Hawking.  The world renowned theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author passed away back in March after battling ALS for many years.

Hawking was a big fan of the show and made several appearances. This scene was a very simple and touching way to say goodbye to their friend and member of the Big Bang Family. Watch the scene in the tweet below.

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