New Venom Trailer

People were pretty stoked when it was announced the Tom Hardy would be playing Spider Man’s sometimes enemy, sometimes ally Venom.

In case you don’t know, Venom is Eddie Brock.


  • Eddie Brock was a photographer, who could never get the pics of Spider-Man that Peter Parker did (I wonder why that is)
  • Eddie would eventually get fired, and blame Spider-Man
  • Spider-Man was infected with the symbiote (which made his costume the iconic black and white)
  • The symbiote found Eddie after Peter finally separated himself from it (the symbiote is an alien that attaches to a host, and feeds into it’s violent side, eventually taking over the host)
  • Eddie becomes Venom.
  • There are a lot more details to his story, so research it if you have time.

Now we finally have the Venom trailer!!


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