Italian tightrope walker inched across Rome's Tiber river as crowds watched below

WATCH: Italian performer Andrea Loreni thrilled Rome on Sunday by becoming the first high-wire act to cross the Tiber, inching along a steel wire that linked the banks of the historic river.

An Italian tightrope walker has inched his way across the Tiber River in Rome.

Andrea Loreni’s high-wire act drew gasps of delight from crowds watching from below on Sunday evening.

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A safety cord connected Loreni to the tightrope wire that stretched 135 metres (450 feet) and was suspended 20 metres (66 feet) above the river near the Sant’Angelo Bridge.

Loreni told The Associated Press after his daring walk that wind, drizzling rain and “reflections on the water” made crossing difficult and he’d felt the urge to stop part-way at one point.

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He said: “But, of course, you can’t. You have to follow through to the end and use your senses to guide you despite the fear.”

Loreni added: “It’s beautiful.”

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