Have you tried the viral 'Invisible Box' Challenge?

We’ve had the mannequin challenge, the ice bucket challenge , the running man challenge, and now…. the invisible box challenge.

Over the weekend, this video by cheerleader Ariel Olivar went viral with over 100 thousand re tweets, and many trying to re create some serious skills in what makes it look like you’re stepping onto and jumping over an invisible box.

She makes it look very easy…. but we promise. It’s not. Try it for yourself and you’ll see.

She’s not the first person to do it, but she’s the one who sparked the challenge. Back in the summer, Dontez Hines, a defensive back at Anderson University posted himself doing it, but it didn’t go nearly as viral.

And as you can see…it’s definitely not something everyone can do…

We looked more like this when we tried it this morning.


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