Kanye West pays visit to Donald Trump at Trump Tower

WATCH: Kanye West shows up in the lobby of New York City's Trump Tower.

UPDATE:  Kanye West has confirmed that he requested the meeting with President-elect Donald Trump.

West himself also confirmed the reason for the meeting, though the rapper was still vague. His last tweet, which simply says “#2024,” seems to imply that West plans to “run for president” in 2024. Previously West had stated he’d run for office in 2020.





ORIGINAL STORY: Beleaguered musician Kanye West was just released from psychiatric hold last week, and now, in a totally unexpected move, he visited President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower in Manhattan on Tuesday morning.

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Many onlookers recorded video of the rapper making his way to the huge gold elevators of Trump Tower, asking him why he was visiting. His only response was a barely audible “Hey” as he stepped into the elevator. West and Trump met for a reported 15 minutes.

The pair emerged together post-meeting, and Trump broadcast that “ have been friends for a long time.”

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Otherwise, the duo was tight-lipped about what they were talking about and why they met. Speculation ran amok on Twitter, with many saying that West’s mental health may still be in a fragile state. Others joked about the scenario.

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So will Kanye West become a member of Trump’s cabinet? Will the rapper perform at Trump’s Jan. 20 inauguration? It all remains to be seen.

See West enter Trump Tower in the video at the top of this article.

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