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JUMP! 106.9 LOVES Dogs! 

And we think every dog deserves a loving home.


Tony Stark and Sit With Me Shelter Dog Rescue have teamed up to help you find your next Pawfect Pals! Meet our featured adoptable rescue dogs, so you can learn more about how you can make them the next member of your family. 

When you adopt one of our featured dogs, you’ll walk away with a Sherpa Pet Bed from Sleep Country Canada!


Meet Bobsled:

Breed    Retriever, Labrador/Mix

Age        3 years 2 months 11 days

Gender Male

Size        Medium

Color     Brown


Stage     Available


Dogs: Yes, similar sized is ideal.

Cats: Yes, but must be dog savvy cats as he may chase.

Kids: 8+ as he may knock down even sturdy kids!

Housing Type: Attached, though due to his size, he would need a spacious home to move around.

Fenced in yard: Ideally!  Preference given.

Bobsled is a happy-go-lucky and energetic boy.  He exudes happiness just by the way he is!

Bobsled is looking for a home interested in upping the happiness factor.  He needs at least one active person in his life that can manage big dogs and take him on walks and outdoor adventures!  He is great left at home loose alone in a room for a work day as long as he has had a good walk and play before being left.  Once his people come home, they need to get ready for another walk or play session!  He can manage being left for a work day, but is definitely full of jumping beans when his people get home!

So far, he is great with any dog or person he has met and would likely do well in any home environment.  Due to his size and energy though, he is not ideal with small kids as he can easily knock them over and hurt them as he is still working on his manners.  Of course, he is eager to learn (and is food motivated!)  and would love a person that would consider taking him to positive enforcement training classes.  In fact, preference will be given to applicants that will take him to class because we know this will help him be the best dog he can be!

If you think this happy guy is the right match for your life, please email us at adopt@sitwithme.ca to ask for an application

Learn more on how to adopt Bobsled, here!


Meet Bolt:

Dogs: Yes please!

Cats: Will chase to play

Kids:  Yes, but older due to his size

Attached housing:  Yes

Special needs: Needs daily meds

Who’s a good boy?  Bolt is a good boy!  And he is looking for his forever home.   If you are familiar with the shepherd breed and are ready for some puppy energy, then Bolt may just be the boy for you!

Bolt has matured into such a good boy since coming into rescue.  He is crate trained and tries so, so hard to hold a sit for his dinner or when coming out of his crate.  Excitement often gets the best of him.   Fortunately he is a smart boy, so with time and effort he will be able to learn many new tricks.  Bolt will be looking for an adopter who is committed to working on his training and exercising him regularly.  Bolt would be fine with children, preferably older just because of his size and excitement level.  He would likely knock over little children.

Bolt currently lives with another puppy and they have a lot of fun playing together.  Bolt will be looking for a home with another playful dog as this will help him transition into his new home. Bolt can be unsure when meeting new dogs or people, so he will need an experienced owner who can help build his confidence.  He is also a vocal player so other dogs he meets will need to be comfortable with this.  Bolt is clean in the house and starting to ask for the door.  He will have accidents in his crate if he does not get out often enough so he will need an adopter who is able to take him out for a midday pee break.

Bolt suffers from Idiopathic Renal Hematuria, which means that he has small bleeds from his kidney.  Fortunately he responded extremely well to treatment and is currently on a low very dose of daily medication.  His dose may change as he grows or ages, but he has been stable since he started his meds.  His medication costs approximately $30 a month.

Bolt is a sweet boy who is destined to be a loyal companion to his person.

Learn more on how to adopt Bolt, here!

Meet Sprint:







Dogs: Yes, a more submissive dog would be best
Cats: Absolutely not
Kids: 10+
Attached Housing: Yes
Fenced Backyard: Preferred

Sprint is an active girl who does well with a couple of good walks a day and some training to challenge her brain. She already has quite a repertoire of tricks under her belt…starting with the basic such as sit, stay and fetch but she can also help you out if you need a light turned off or need her to search for something. But once she is properly exercised, she wants nothing more but to sleeping on her dog bed in front of the fire place.

Sprint does show some guarding of her food and toys. Her foster has been working with this behaviour and she has made great improvements. Adopters should be ready to keep working with her.

Sprint is not a fan of her crate but she is perfect loose in her home. She is not destructive and is completely house trained.

Learn more on how to adopt Sprint, here!


Meet Primrose and Blossom (adopted! Thank you!):

(Adopted! Thank you!)


(Adopted! Thank you!)


Meet Tony Stark (No, you can’t adopt him).

Tony Stark in on-air weekdays 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm!

He was born right here in Ottawa, Ontario.

MasterChef is his go-to TV show, and his favourite sport is basketball.

Tony’s favourite food is whatever his mom is cooking, as he never manages to replicate it.

Eminem is his all-time, favourite artist.

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